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Crawford County Indiana was formed in 1818 from the counties of Harrison, Orange, and Perry.

The Crawford County Public Library was established in 1954 in English, Indiana.
The current facility was built in 1995, when the town was moved to higher ground after devastating flooding in 1979 and 1990.
Parking lot is at the back of the building.

Memories of Crawford County

Do you have historical photographs of Crawford County? The Crawford County Public Library is digitizing old photographs (1990 and before) from around the county in order to preserve them for current and future generations. Photographs will be scanned and added to the Indiana Memory database. Originals will be returned, along with a disc of the digitized versions

Our Collection Contains:

  • Cemeteries Index.
  • Cemetery Records (Files and Books).
  • Census Records.
  • Crawford County Historical & Genealogical Society publications.
  • Death Index.
  • Family Histories (Books and Files)
  • Mack Tucker Records.
  • Marriage Index.
  • Local Newspapers on Microfilm, some from 1838 to the present (not every year, nor all months of some years).
  • Obituary Index for Local Newspaper.
  • Notebooks containing area history and photos.
  • Some plat books and maps. (earliest Plat book is from 1920’s.)
  • High School Yearbooks.
  • Some records from the neighboring counties of Dubois, Harrison, and Orange.

All books and materials in the genealogy department are REFERENCE ONLY and may not be checked out of the library.

  • Please leave all books on table, library staff will re-shelve.
  • No food or drinks allowed.
  • Please keep your cell phone on “Mute” while in the library  (calls may be made out in the hallway.)
  • Please check with staff before making any photocopies due to copyright laws.

Copies: 10¢

Research Costs
Delivery of Research

Genealogy & Local History Research Policy (PDF)

Anne Hager is available for your assistance on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Short inquiries may be answered through email.

Scroll down for the inquiry form after reading the following.

Research  Costs
Delivery of Research

Genealogy & Local History Research Policy (PDF)

Contact address:

Anne Hager, Genealogy Dept.
Crawford County Public Library
203 Indiana Ave., P.O. Box 159
English, IN 47118

Phone: 812-338-2606
Fax:  812-338-3034
Email: Anne Hager


The early official county records of marriages and probates are located at the Archives in the former Dollar General Store, located at 777 Indiana 64, English, IN 1/2 mile from the library, maintained by volunteers of the Crawford Co. Historical & Genealogical Society.

The Archives building hours are:
Monday and Tuesday, 10:00 am — 2:00 pm
Contact Roberta Toby at 812-365-9067 or email her at for inquiries or an appointment.

Official Birth and Death records are in the county Health Dept., located across the street from the library. (Births and Deaths from 1899)

County Health Dept. Phone: 812-338-2302

Health Department and Judicial Center Hours:

Monday 8:00 am—4:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am—6:00 pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 8:00 am—6:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am—4:00 pm
Saturday Closed

All land deed records and are held in the Judicial Center located behind the Dollar General Store just off state hwy. 64, approximately 1/4 mile from the library.

County Clerk Phone:   812-338-2565.

The library has a subscription to and fold3. Click on an image to enter each site.

You have to be connected to the Library’s Internet to access them.


Fold3 by Ancestry

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